1. Q: What type of collagen that is used in Optimal Body Collagen Protein?
    A: Bovine Collagen Peptides are used, the collagen peptides are derived  from type I & III raw material for skin, hair and nail health and help retain an optimal body composition.
2. Q: What type of collagen that is used in Collagen Keto Coffee?
    A:  Special formulated Bovine Collagen Peptides are used, they have been clinically proven to be effective in regards to skin, hair and nail health.
3. Q: How long normally require to take collagen to see results?
    A: Based on studies, we generally advise around 3 months to see results, but some customers report results earlier.
4. Q: What protein do you use in Brain and Brawn Keto Creamer, Collagen Keto Coffee & Synergy Collagen Coffee?         
    A: Milk protein from dairy is used in Brain and Brawn products, including Keto Creamer, Collagen Keto Coffee, and Synergy Collagen Coffee. The milk protein rather whey contains nearly no lactose, so the lactose intolerance is lower.
5. Q: Can I use 2-3 scoops of the keto coffee instead of 1.5 scoops?
     A: Yes
6. Q: Can I mix the keto coffee with the optimal body collagen protein?
     A: Yes, mix optimal body collagen protein with coffee will definitely give a good protein boost, at the same time to reap the benefits of beauty collagen for skin, hair and nail health. 
7. Q: What is the dosage of organic cordyceps mushroom powder per serve of Brain and Brawn Synergy Collagen Coffee?
    A: 1 gram of organic cordyceps mushroom powder per 15 gram serve of Synergy Coffee.
8. Q: What is soluble fibre?
    A: Soluble fibre used in Brain and Brawn products is a plant derived fibre that promote the growth of good gut bacteria and improves bowel movements.