Australian Fava Bean Protein

Australian Fava Bean Protein

Faba beans belong to the pea and bean family called Fabaceae.

Faba beans are also called broad beans, you may have not heard of faba bean but you may have heard of broad beans.

Australian is one of many countries that faba beans are cultivated, the faba bean protein powder that is used in our Vegan Plant Protein Blend is Australia grow and made.

Faba beans are an excellent source of protein and nutrients. It contains greater than 85% proteins, 5-6% fat and less than 0.5% carbohydrates, so it is a perfect addition to your daily diet to boost your protein intake.

Faba bean protein powders are vegan, GMO free and free of common allergens. 

At Brain and Brawn, we like to use pure and wholesome ingredients to keep our mind and body balance, and use Australian faba bean protein in our Organic Vegan Plant Protein is just like that.