Acacia Fibre

Health benefits of acacia fibre - love your gut, love acacia fibre

Acacia fibre is sourced from the sap of the Acacia senegal tree, a plant native to parts of Africa, Pakistan and India. Also known as gum arabic and acacia gum, acacia fibre is said to offer a number of health benefits.

Acacia fibre is a prebiotic (a non-digestible food ingredient in dietary fibre that can stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestines). When used in powder form, acacia can be stirred into water and consumed as a beverage. Some people prefer acacia fibre to other forms of fibre. The powder can also be mixed into smoothies and other beverages.

Key health benefits of acacia fibre are listed below:
  • Acacia fibre may help relieve IBS symptoms: A study shows that the participants who consume yogurt enriched with acacia fibre and the probiotic Bifidobacterium lactis (B. lactis) may help keep IBS symptoms in check. After consuming the yogurt twice daily for eight weeks, participants with both constipation- and diarrhea-predominant IBS showed an improvement in IBS symptoms and bowel habit satisfaction compared to those who took a control product
  • May help reduce body fat: Research suggests that acacia fibre may help to reduce body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage. In a study published in the Nutrition Journal, healthy women took either gum arabic or a placebo daily. At the end of the six week study period, those who had taken the gum arabic had a significant reduction in BMI and body fat percentage.
  • Increases fibre intake: Acacia powder is a good source of fibre, and it is commonly taken to increase fibre consumption and help alleviate constipation. A tablespoon serving of the powder has 6 grams of fibre, which provides between 21 and 29 percent of the recommended dietary allowance, or RDA, of fibre for adult women, and between 16 and 20 percent of the RDA for men. Acacia powder can help you get your daily recommended amount of fibre. Water-soluble dietary fibres (WSDF) may generally help lower blood cholesterol and the risk of heart disease

    Using Acacia Powder

    Acacia powder can be consumed on its own, as a supplement or added to other food products. It is important to consume the powder - as much as 1 tablespoon - with at least 8 ounces of fluids, such as water or juice. Because it is high in fibre, you need to make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day to reduce the risk of constipation. The Food and Drug Administration has approved acacia powder and acacia gum as texturizers, emulsifiers, stabilizers and thickeners in foods, so they are added to many prepared foods, such as breakfast cereals, candies, drinks and baked goods.

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