Optimal Body Collagen Protein

Benefits of Optimal Body Collagen Protein

Brain and Brawn Optimal Body Collagen Protein contains 100% bovine collagen peptides to help retain an optimal body composition and support an active lifestyle.

These highly specialized collagen peptides have been shown to decrease fat mass, increase lean body mass and provide more muscle strength in combination with resistance training.

Optimal Body Collagen Protein has positive effects on two main components of the human body: lean body mass and fat mass. Lean body mass, also called fat free mass, comprises of mainly muscle and bone mass, connective tissue and body water. Muscles are essential for physical activity, stability and posture. They enable blood circulation and help during the digestion of food. A loss of muscle mass over the course of one’s lifetime means a loss of mobility, followed by a loss of independence and a loss of quality of life. Studies confirm that the intake of Optimal Body Collagen Protein results in improvement of mobility in healthy individuals.

Several randomized, placebo-controlled, double blinded studies have demonstrated the efficacy and potential of the daily intake of 15 g of Optimal Body Collagen Protein in combination with resistance training.

Optimal Body Collagen Protein is suitable for the following age groups:

  • Men and women between 25 and 40 years who are interested in muscle gain, losing weight or improving shape and tone
  • Men and women between 40 and 60 years, who exercise occasionally and want to reduce weight, and improve overall shape and tone
  • Men and women between 60 and 80 years, suffering from age related muscle loss

With the above targeted goals in mind, Optimal Body Collagen Protein can be easily integrated into daily routines to support the growth of lean body mass and loss of body fat after just a few weeks. People achieve clear results within a credible time frame (10-12 weeks) and with reasonable (2-3 hours) investment of resistance training per week. 

Optimal Body Collagen Protein is an effective ingredient for body toning in young and middle aged people and can counteract loss of muscle mass when aging. It represents a life science solution for everyday life.

Due to its various technological properties, Optimal Body Collagen Protein is an ideal protein to be combined with other foods and beverages, for instance in baked goods, tea, coffee, shakes, and soups.