Why Arabica Coffee?

Why Arabica Coffee?

Brain and Brawn arabica coffee has been hand-crafted and perfected through the careful selection of premium beans from exotic locations.

It has been blended, roasted and packed to the most stringent of quality standards by a team of international experts in Australia at a secret location near Sydney Harbour.

A dark roasted coffee aroma, and full-bodied flavour with licorice and hazelnut notes with rich malty cereal undertones. We trust you will love our coffee selection and enjoy the benefits that have to offer.

Why arabica coffee?

 Arabica coffee has powerful medicinal characteristics that help stimulate the desire to be active. It positively affects the brain by stimulating creativity, positivity, and our imagination. The medicinal properties of Arabica coffee have a superior effect on our consciousness, help energise our bodies, and enhance our ability to focus our attention in a positive and creative way.

Robusta on the other hand, can adversely affect the nervous system and consciousness, create nervous jitters and make us distracted and unfocused.

Arabica coffee is grown at higher altitudes which contributes to its sweetness, acidity, milder and smoother qualities, often paired with delicate floral and fruity notes. Pairing with other selected premium ingredient, our collagen coffee offers you the following benefits daily.

  • Satisfy your tastebuds and soothe your soul, with a delicious cup of smooth, creamy Collagen Coffee hot or cold.
  • Enriched with Bovine Collagen Peptides, it is great for skin, hair and nail health.
  • By adding grass-fed butter and MCT oil, it transformed our daily coffee to improve our energy, mood and mental clarity.
  • It contains acacia fiber and soluble prebiotics, trust us, your gut will thank you for having our collagen coffee.

A cup of Brain and Brawn collagen coffee in the morning is an excellent way to enhance metabolic health and maintain blood sugar in a healthy range.

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