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Optimal Body Collagen Protein x 2

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Perform at your best with Optimal Body Collagen Protein. Combining the best collagen peptides for skin, hair & nail health with lean muscle building amino acids, this protein is your ultimate answer to beauty & the beast in one package. 

  • 100% Bovine Collagen Peptides (type I & III ) for skin, hair and nail health and help retain an optimal body composition. Help increase lean body mass and
    reduce fat mass
  • Keto / Paleo / Low carb diet friendly
  • High-Octane Mind and Body Fuel
  • Help increase lean body mass
  • Help reduce fat mass
  • Provide more muscle strength in combination with resistance training
  • Help retain an optimal body composition
  • Support an active lifestyle
  • Easy to digest
  • Support cellular function
  • Promote gut health
  • Support ketosis
  • Improve daily energy levels
  • Pre or post-workout supplement
  • Convenient - enjoy anywhere, anytime
  • Great value ! (20 Serves per 300 gram pouch)
  • 100% Bovine Collagen Peptides
  • Unflavoured
  • High in protein
  • Greater than 90% protein content per serve 
  • Excellent solubility 
  • Zero sugar
  • Zero additives
  • No fillers
  • Zero net carbohydrates
  • Add to coffee, tea, protein shakes, juices, smoothies and soups
  • Mix in with turmeric latte, macha latte or any favourite drinks
  • Use in any recipe or baked goods
  • Add to your morning coffee, tea, shakes, juices for a collagen boost
  • Enjoy it with soups, smoothies anytime during the day 
  • Pre or post-workout for a quick protein boost

Brain and Brawn products are formulated and made in Australia with your health and performance in mind. We use premium & organic wholesome ingredients to help replenish, repair & support your mind and body performance.

Product Benefits

  • High-Octane Mind and Body Fuel
  • Brain Food
  • Improve focus
  • Convert Fat into Fuel
  • Optimal Body 
  • Improve daily energy levels
  • Conveniently packed, take with you to enjoy anytime anywhere
2 x Optimal Body Collagen Protein - Brain and Brawn 2 x Optimal Body Collagen Protein - Brain and Brawn 2 x Optimal Body Collagen Protein - Brain and Brawn



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