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Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Powder 200g - Cordyceps Militaris

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Brain and Brawn Organic Cordyceps Mushroom powder is 100% organic cordyceps militaris fruit bodies powder. Cordyceps Mushroom has been used as an overall rejuvenator for centuries for enhancing energy, performance and stamina. 

  • 100% cordyceps militaris fruit bodies powder
  • High-Octane Mind and Body Fuel
  • Enhance energy, performance and stamina
  • Supports overall vitality and endurance
  • Used as an overall rejuvenator
  • Certified organic wholefood
  • Suitable for vegetarian & vegan diet
  • Contains polysaccharides in particular beta-glucans 
  • Zero sugar
  • No fillers
  • Zero additives
  • Great value, 200 serve per pack
  • Recommended starting with 1 scoop (1 g) per day
  • Mix with water, or your preferred drinks such as coffee, tea, milk, smoothies, shakes or any food
  • Consume in the morning or anytime during the day as an overall rejuvenator
  • In the morning for all-day energy boost
  • Anytime during the day
  • Pre- or post-workout for a quick boost and recovery from high-intensity exercise

Brain and Brawn products are formulated and made in Australia with your health and performance in mind. We use premium & organic wholesome ingredients to help replenish, repair & support your mind and body performance.

Product Benefits

  • High-Octane Mind and Body Fuel
  • Brain Food
  • Improve focus
  • Convert Fat into Fuel
  • Optimal Body 
  • Improve daily energy levels
  • Conveniently packed, take with you to enjoy anytime anywhere
Brain and Brawn Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Brain and Brawn Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Brain and Brawn Organic Cordyceps Mushroom